Spring 24-25 Tryouts

Important Information

The Spring 2024 Sideline Tryout process is open to incoming GAWHS freshmen, rising sophomores, rising juniors, and rising seniors.

Tumbling & Stunting Requirements

Tumbling or Advanced stunting are REQUIRED for our Varsity level STUNT team. Though the Spring 24-25 tryouts are for our sideline teams we place a large emphasis on tumbling and advanced stunting early on in the tryout process.
We encourage those interested in trying out to contact your local gym to get into tumbling classes, as soon as possible. All tumbling is to be performed on a non-spring floor (dead mat). 

Program Tumbling  Overview

These are the skills that you should be working on while in tumbling classes.

Advance-Varsity STUNT level

While possessing varsity-level stunting and tumbling skills is commendable, it is important to note that proficiency in these areas does not guarantee a spot in the program or the Varsity level STUNT team. Selection for these positions involves an assessment that considers numerous factors

Mandatory Tryout Meeting

Athletes and at least one Parent/Guardian is required to attend.

Meet the coaches and senior athletes, and learn about the vision, mission, rules, and requirements of becoming an athlete in our program!

Optional-Tryout Prep Classes

Cost: $15.00*

Cost: $15.00*

*Register to attend both dates for $25.00.

Register Here

Our prep classes are designed to help athletes adapt to high school cheerleading and learn the Wilson way of doing stunts, cheers, motions, tumbling, and jumps. Athletes will have the ability to train with Wilson Cheer coaches before the tryout clinics. Coaches will provide excellent instruction and provide feedback to improve each candidate's skill set.

This is not a required component of tryouts; however, it will help athletes tremendously. 

Mandatory-Tryout Clinic

Wednesday, May 8, 2024 4-6 p.m. Cheer Room

Attire for Prep Classes & Clinics

Hair: Low slick ponytail (with bow preferred)

Footwear: Cheerleading sneakers or athletic shoes. 

Clothing: Fitted white T-shirt (no design)
Dark Colored (Gray or Black) shorts or athletic leggings. 

No jewelry or excessive make-up will be allowed!


Tryouts are closed to spectators

(friends, former coaches, parents, relatives, etc).

Tryout  Attire

Hair: Low slick ponytail (with bow preferred)

Footwear: Cheerleading sneakers or athletic shoes. 


Appropriate attire will be included in the overall scoring.

Tryouts Friday., May 10th    Cheer Room 4:00 P.M. 


Saturday, May 11th  

Tryout Requirements

1. Possess a minimum 2.0 GPA (3.0 + preferred) ​

2. Complete online Athletic Clearance

3. Register and attend the mandatory Tryout Meeting for Athletes & Parents.


4. Attend all Mandatory Clinic Days  

5. Submit three Letters of Recommendation from a current district teacher. 

6. Complete the tryout Application.



May 13th Uniform Fitting 3:30 p.m. Cheer Room

Athletes Only

May 13 New Team Meeting 6:30 p.m. Media Center

Athlete & Parent/Guardian Attendance Required